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The following extract from our catalog lists some of the more popular maps that we have available.  Please contact us to source any other mapping that you may require.

After locating the mapping that you require, complete the order form with the necessary details, including product description and quantities.

All our products are priced in South African Rands and exclude the local South African Value Added Tax (14% in October 2000). Prices may change without notice. All mapping is sold subject to our regular terms of business. To convert these prices into your home currency, make use of our currency converter.

Catalogue extract





AF09000-0001 Africa 1:9M 43.80
AF04000-0XXX Michelin Africa (3 sheets) 1:4M 79.80
AL01000-0001 Algeria 1:1M 40.80
AN02000-0001 Angola 1:2M 40.80
RB01500-0001 Botswana 1:1.5M 43.20
RB00500-00XX Botswana (11 sheets) 1:500k 43.20
CA01500-0001 Cameroon 1:1.5M 40.80
RB00350-000X Chobe and Okavango Delta (2 sheets) 1:350k 43.20
EG01000-0001 Egypt 1:1M 40.80
ZW00033-0001 Harare street map 1:33k 57.10
IC01000-XXXX ICAO Aeronautical 1:1M 75.20
ZW00100-000X Lake Kariba (3 sheets) 1:100k 66.10
MA02000-0001 Madagascar 1:2M 40.80
MW01000-0001 Malawi relief 1:1M 37.20
MO02000-0001 Moçambique 1:2M 40.80
NI01500-0001 Nigeria 1:1.5M 40.80
AF02500-0001 Tanzania Kenya 1:2.5M 40.80
ZM01500-0001 Zambia 1:1.5M 75.20
ZW00250-00XX Zimbabwe (31 sheets) 1:250k 66.10
ZW01000-0004 Zimbabwe Road Map 1:1M 66.10





SHIP1 National shipping charge (less than 10 maps) 21.00
SHIP2 International shipping charge call

For convenience, a currency converter is provided to estimate the amount due in any currency.


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